John Franklin.

Vice Chairman

Wholesale opportunities

Properties of interest

Properties of interest

Alan Smith.

Co-founder and Chairman

Executive Team

Patrick Pool.

Sales Agent

Company Profile

Ivana Wong. 

President and COO

Divorce / Estate properties  

Divorce or Estate settlements are not fun to deal with. The sooner it is over the quicker you can move on with your lives. We pay cash for houses so that you can move on. 

We're always looking to expand our pool of buyers and co-investors. We want passionate, dedicated, experienced people who love working with investors like us to make the most of their Time to focus on rehabbing or selling their current portfolio instead of looking for investment properties.

Your Perfect Partner for Your New View on Life

We bring excellence to the SELLING experience.

We are a investment company with in-depth experience in solving problems. We go beyond traditional investor scopes and not only evaluate the true value of your home, but evaluate how we can help you in this particular situation. Here at Time Investments we respect the one thing more valuable than your property, your Time.  


If you find yourself going through a foreclosure Time is of essence. We know the process and may be able to stop the foreclosure, reduce / eliminate penalties, and keep the foreclosure from going on your credit report. But don't hesitate to take action.


Distressed Properties 

Have you looked at your property and thought about selling but didn't have the money or even worse, the Time to invest in fixing it up?  Turn your liability into a asset and sell it. We buy all types of homes or properties in any condition.


Rental Properties 

Tired of repairing leaks and fixing appliances and chassing renters for your money? We invest in Single Family, Multi Family and Commercial Properties.

Time Investments LLC